Eileen Howell Barlow, Original Founding Mother, University of Texas 1988

"I remember participating in R.C.I.A at my church with my friend Jacqueline Goveas and her brother.  My (then) future (now) husband had just become a Christian!  We all became the best of friends!  Her brothers were members of the Christian fraternity, BYX.  Jackie met me for lunch one day on campus and told me that her brother's girlfriend approached her about beginning a Christian Sorority on campus and they wanted me to help.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and so it was then that we all met.  We prayed for months, so afraid to make the decisions because we wanted this to be HIS, not ours!  One thing that we agreed upon was that it would be non-denominational and open to all who were called to HIM!  Our diversity was a strength.  So many misconceptions about different denominations were dispelled.  We purposefully avoided a cookie cutter Phi Lamb because we wanted girls who might not have gone to "that church" or "that Bible study" to feel welcome to come and grow their faith. The next year our first pledge class came.  I can still see all of their faces.  They were so excited to be the very first pledge class.  It was an amazing year. We held lunchtime Bible studies and evening aerobics (to Christian music) all of the time.  We took field trips with BYX, volunteered for community service, had sleep overs and laughed alot!  We built life-long friendships.  Our first retreat was at a ranch belonging to one of our member's families between Kerrville and Bandera, TX.  They hosted us in their home overlooking their 2000+ acres in the middle of what only God could have created!  The Texas Hill Country is like Heaven on Earth!  We are still sisters for the Lord and for life!  I'd drop everything and run to any one of them.  We had no idea it would spread like hot cakes to so many universities but that is what God does, He multiplies our efforts for His glory.  Mostly what Phi Lamb gave me was a loving, accepting, and fruitful environment to grow my love affair with God.  The Word tells us that "God is love and all who live in love, live in God."  He came to me daily in the love I received from my sweet sweet sisters.  When I think of them it makes me want to sing Blessed be the name of the Lord...."Every blessing you pour out, I'll turn back to praise!"  He poured out His blessing to me through these girls, my sisters, and I will forever turn it back into praise for His Blessed name!"

Rachel Wolters Shelton, Texas A&M University Alumna

"God used Phi Lamb in an unbelievable way to shape me in my college years.  I had no idea what I was in for when I joined as a sophomore!  God gave me an amazing group of gals to laugh, cry, pray and play with ... I could not have dreamed up a more abundant college experience for myself and most of that was due to how God used Sigma Phi Lambda and the gals I met through that organization in my life.  I began to learn how to lead, how to pray, how to study the Word, how to live the abundant life.  Phi Lamb was a catalyst to my walk with the Lord in college and I am thoroughly grateful for those years.  I am so grateful, too, for the other gals who came alongside of me, challenged me and loved me well as we all experienced the ups and downs of college life together.  My walk with the Lord is a dynamic and continual journey, and those few years in Phi Lamb were HUGE in spurring on my growth at such a vital time.  God is good - all the time.  All the time - God is good."

Katheryn Bell - Stephen F. Austin University Alumna 

"There is nothing sweeter than the fellowship of Christian sisters.  Phi Lamb served an amazing purpose in my life by offering me this great group of women to grow with and learn from.  Oh yeah, and we had a lot of fun as well!!! I'll always treasure my Phi Lamb experiences and I will continue to cherish and adore my friendships." 

Deanna Kotrla, Charter Member of University of Texas, 1988

"Phi Lamb has filled a gap in my life that I never knew I had.....the friendships of Godly women. When Sigma Phi Lambda first started in 1988 I remember being exposed to women of different religious backgrounds from myself. It was eye opening for me and showed me how great the kingdom of God is. I have laughed, cried, feared, prayed, studied, sang, been silent, and learned from and with these other women. I never knew such friendship and still consider it one of my greatest joys.

I remember retreats that turned into all night slumber parties. I remember parties with BYX where we danced for hours. I remember dorm prayer groups after lunch (those gave me the courage to pray out loud). I remember seeing my sisters on campus and feeling happy to know another person who I connected with and could trust. I remember doing the very first ever engagement circle and everyone screaming when I blew out the candle. I remember sorority picnics before Texas football games with our dates and parents. I remember performing the Carmen song "I still believe" at a party with Bonnie, Jennifer and Julie. Yikes!  I remember initiations, weddings, couples showers, and baby showers. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be a part of His wonderful plan."