At the beginning of each semester, each of our chapters holds recruitment. Recruitment is a time for potential new members to get to know about the purpose of Sigma Phi Lambda, the membership requirements, the various events throughout the semester, and most importantly have a chance to get to know our members. 

Recruitment Events

Recruitment at each chapter is made up of the following events:

  • 2 Recruitment Nights: These 2 nights are meant to be informative and fun! Each night potential new members will gain a greater understanding of who Sigma Phi Lambda is and what to expect as a new member of our sisterhood. In addition, there will be a time of fellowship - often involving games, crafts, and/or snacks. While attendance is not mandatory both nights, we do suggest potential new members make an effort to attend both nights so they can better get to know our active members. 
  • Open Chapter: During recruitment, we invite our potential new members to attend a chapter meeting. These meetings are run just like all other chapter meetings throughout the semester with a time of worship, a member led devotional, prayer, business announcements, and small group discussions. Chapter meetings are the heart of our organization and we truly believe attending open chapter is one of the best ways for potential new members to get to know us! 
  • Introductions: Throughout recruitment week, potential new members will have the opportunity to sign up for an introduction with the 5 officers. Introductions last about 15 minutes and are required to join. During introductions, potential new members are able to share a little bit about themselves, but most importantly are able to ask questions about Phi Lamb and gain a greater understanding of the organization before making a commitment to join. 
  • Induction: Induction is our formal ceremony where potential new members make the commitment to join Sigma Phi Lambda as a new member. This is a time for our active members to celebrate the new members coming into our sisterhood. 

While attendance at recruitment events is not mandatory, we do encourage potential new members to attend as many events as possible. If you are unable to attend the events at your university, please reach out to the chapter officers to schedule your introduction. 

New Member Semester

While each chapter's calendar looks a bit different, the commitment is the same at all chapters. 

  • Time Commitment: We ask our officers to schedule no more than 5 hours of required commitments for new members per week. Most weeks the time commitment is about 3 hours.  New Members can expect to attend chapter meeting, new member meeting, and prayer group each week. 
  • Dues: Dues vary by chapter and are based on chapter size. Dues are slightly higher during the new member semester to cover new member specific events. New Member dues range from $210-$260. National Dues are a requirement for membership, however, payment plans are available for the chapter dues.  We do not want finances to deter anyone from joining, so if you have questions about dues, please speak to the chapter's treasurer.
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