Chapter Spotlight: SFA Chapter Retreat

Our SFA chapter had a wonderful retreat this past fall where all members got to take a break from school and spend time growing closer to God and their sisters.

This fall, SFA had a wonderful chapter retreat Camp HIs Way in Zavalla, Texas.  The topic for the weekend was faith. They welcomed guest speaker Mrs. Kim Ransleben, a Women's Ministry leader from Temple Bible Church, who spoke on four specific areas of faith: faith in action, faith as obedience, faith in worship, and faith in the unseen.  Girls then met in their prayer groups for further discussion where they shared that they were able to make new connections of how they could see God working in their lives, especially in the four areas of faith. The members also enjoyed some healthy competition in order to earn a Phi Lamb spirit stick.  Activities included human battleship, a chant contest, sharks and minnows, and "Minute to Win It" games.  The weekend was filled with fun, fellowship, and faith, and girls enjoyed a true time of retreat with their sisters in Christ.