Leadership Training Testimonial: SWOSU

"Attending in-person training was a BLESSING for our officer team. We all rode down together, spending about 5 hours in the same car. This experience was something we still talk about today. The training itself was much easier to grasp while being in-person. All officers were able to speak with people in the same, or different, roles as they were serving which allowed us to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas for our chapter. While this is something you could do online, being in-person brings a unique opportunity that our culture sadly is stepping away from.
A few examples of the collaboration we were able to create:
- Personally, I was able to speak with different Presidents about the way they manage certain topics, events, and come up with creative ways to get members more involved.
- Our VP was able to speak with many other VPs about low attendance numbers and different event ideas to give our members something new and exciting to look forward to.
- Our chaplain gained insight on different retreat ideas while also being able to share ideas on what we do to create a close bond between members.
I believe if we wouldn’t have attended training in-person, this collaboration wouldn’t have existed. There is an opportunity for this online, but it doesn’t have the same effect and I believe officers are less inclined to collaboration through a screen (sadly).
Financially, I completely understand the ease of having training online. But our officer team doesn’t remember the food, sleeping arrangements, or materialistic things from this experience— we remember and share stories from the unique opportunity to be able to come together as Sigma Phi Lambda and to not only bond with chapters all across the nation, but how God united us that weekend to be equipped together as an officer team for the chapter established at Swosu. 
That weekend changed the trajectory of our year. We established a close bond all together that was seen throughout our chapter. We had a member come and talk with us after a chapter meeting. She mentioned how it is so evident that our officer team was so close and how our friendship created a unique, welcoming space for the members, which resonated with how I led my team that year. The environment created with your officer team will be the environment within your chapter. Having a strong team to flow into a strong chapter was a main goal of mine which we successfully accomplished. I believe this happened because of the experience of an in-person retreat." 
- Kailey, Former SWOSU Officer
We are currently praying for donors willing to help us fund in person Leadership Training for 2024. Our cost per officer is approximately $300. Donations can be made here through 10/31. Donations can be made anytime here. Checks can also be mailed to Sigma Phi Lambda 4521 FM 2181 Ste. 230-480 Corinth, TX 76210. All donations made to Sigma Phi Lambda are tax deductible. Don't forget that many employers will also match donations!