Alumna Spotlight: Mica May

Posted by Stephanie Giddens on

I met Mica back in 1999, during her freshman year at Texas A&M. She was a new member, and I was her New Member Educator (We were called Pledge Trainers then).  I don’t know that I’ve met someone with a bigger smile and more fun personality. Mica always brings light to a room with her joy and good-natured perspective on life.

She spent her first few years after college in New York City, having shown up with literally a suitcase and a dream. While there, she reconnected with college friend Jonny May. They fell in love and moved back to Texas to be closer to family. Jonny worked on his Masters in Dallas while she launched her own boutique graphic design firm. That’s when I got to reconnect with her. My friend Kat Armstrong and I (also a Phi Lamb Alumna) were working on getting an organization called Polished up and running, and Mica joined our first leadership team. It was during that time that I noticed her amazing talent in design. She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met (no, really…she is).

About the time she and I were both pregnant with our first babies, she started making notebooks to keep track of her meeting notes. When clients started to take notice, she realized there might be a market for the notebooks, so May Books was born! To support her new business, we bought a couple, and my husband Brad even had a box of them printed with his company logo to hand out to clients. Soon after that, she realized her sweet spot was customized notebooks, and that’s when the company really started to grow. Imagine my surprise when a few months later, I turn on Good Morning America and see Robin Roberts holding a May Book on Good Morning America! May Books has been exploding ever since - featured in places like InStyle, the Today Show and even landing a spot on Oprah’s favorite things list in 2014.

It’s been so fun to watch Mica grow her business over the years, but even more exciting has been watching a friend recognize and own the God-given personality and talents that she has. She loves having the capacity to bless other people and organizations through her success at May Designs. When she’s not cranking out new ideas as a go-getter entrepreneur, Mica is at home with her family in Austin, playing her favorite role of mom to three little Mays. Like all of us, she is packing lunches, rallying the troops for a family dinner, splashing during bath time and snuggling up for bedtime stories. She loves to sneak in play time and weekend adventures as she recharges for the busy week ahead.

Mica is grateful for the sisterhood she experienced during her time in Phi Lamb. She made lifelong friends that still act as a support system today. She’s thankful for the blessing of fellowship, sweet memories and growth in her faith that Phi Lamb provided. If you’d like to follow the story of this fast-paced CEO Mom and cheer on a fellow Phi Lamb alum, you can follow her journey at