An Exciting Start to 2012-2013

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Phi Lamb is off to an exciting start to the new school year! In August we had a wonderful, transformational retreat to train officers from all of our chapters. This image was made from feedback compiled from all who were there. We spent the weekend worshiping the Lord with the leadership of Donna Stuart, learning about differing personalities, servant leadership, and Biblical conflict resolution, and meeting sisters from all over the nation. Our employees and volunteer leaders, including the board of directors, regional directors, and alumnae councils, spent the weekend investing in these emerging leaders. We closed out the weekend with a commissioning service to send out these leaders who the Lord has called to serve this year.

We are also thrilled to share that rush has gone really well at each of our chapters, and we have record numbers of girls pledging Phi Lamb for the second year in a row. Please be in prayer for these women and chapters as they face the excitement and challenges of this kind of growth. I have already heard great stories of actives loving on these new members and showing them the love of Jesus. For so many, pledgeship is a great discipleship opportunity, as they learn in the context of a Phi Lamb community what it means to walk with Jesus on a college campus.

Also, we are excited to share that because of our growth in the number of women in each chapter and the addition of chapters over the last few years, we are now able to support a full-time Executive Director position. We feel like this will be helpful in supporting current growth and equip us to further extend the work and ministry of the Lord through Phi Lamb on college campuses across the nation.