Leadership Training Retreat 2013

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We had an amazing weekend at our Leadership Training Retreat this year. It is the one time a year that we gather the leaders from all of our chapters and all of our national leadership in one place. It is such a great opportunity to share stories from each of our chapters and learn from one another. It also gives the national leadership a chance to invest in and train these chapter leaders. This particular group of officers was the first to do online training over the summer, and that certainly improved what we were able to accomplish during our face-to-face time.

We started the weekend with 30 active chapters, but by the end of Friday night we were up to 31 chapters. We had the pleasure of initiating the University of Tulsa as the Alpha Nu chapter. The founders of our Tulsa chapter were full of excitement and passion to glorify God and make His name great on their campus. They loved getting to learn from our leadership as well as from the other more established chapters. 

All indications point to the fact that this will be Phi Lamb’s best year yet, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it! Please pray for these leaders as the Lord brings them to mind over the course of the next year, that they may lead their respective chapters with grace and wisdom beyond their years.

Leadership 2013



Here are our 2013-2014 Board of Directors, Regional Directors, and employees at retreat. 








All of our leaders started their day with prayer and studying Scripture.

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