Remembering One Heart 2014

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One Heart 2014 was an All-Phi Lamb Retreat put on by our national board in Dallas, Texas this February.

I remember planning to meet up with my college roommates, Shannon and Stephenie! It was so fun to see them for a whole weekend and share a room again. It was fun to stay up all night talking and to fight over the showers. It was fun to see Shannon’s pregnant belly too! (Welcome Baby David!!)

I remember seeing one of the girls who was President when I was a pledge, Mandy. She remembered my name!! It is crazy to think that she remembered me after several years and out of a class of 100+ pledges.

I remember worshiping with The Reliques, Sarah and Sarah, who met through Phi Lamb! I remember the concert they held on Saturday night, and I remembered to download their songs on my iPhone now that they have been officially released!!

I remember our speaker Chris Gibson, who fit right in with Phi Lamb – in fact I even asked her what school she was from, before I found out she was our speaker!! I remember her story and her message of faithfulness. I also remember her spontaneous Zumba work-out one night!

I remember my discussion group (we met on the back porch because the weather was beautiful)!! I specifically remember Stacey, who is one or two steps ahead of me in life. Stacey helped me realize the next step of life isn’t as glamorous as I imagine it to be! It was also rewarding to pass my life lessons to young college students.

I remember meeting 3 college sophomores who are trying to start a chapter of Phi Lamb at their school. It was fun to see their excitement and to think back to how I felt pledging Phi Lamb my freshman year.



I remember one of the prayer stations asked us to place a prayer on a sticky note and asked us to pick up someone else’s prayer. The sticky note I picked up continues to be in my bible bag and I am continuing to pray for her boyfriend and their relationship to honor the Lord.

I remember playing games with a few girls that were familiar and several girls that were new friends. I remember thinking the Joy of the Lord surpasses school allegiances, hometowns and age.

I’ll definitely remember to attend again next year!

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